Our people make the difference

At Hilverda De Boer, we are proud of our team of experienced and skillful employees. They are a varied group of people who represent all continents. Everyone makes the maximum effort for our customers and the company every day, often even at the crack of dawn.

Would you like to strengthen our team?

Motivated, expert and enthusiastic employees are always welcome at Hilverda De Boer. We offer an exciting work environment with interesting opportunities for advancement within the flower sector. Hilverda De Boer is a recognised work placement company and also offers opportunities to people who are not able to find a job easily themselves. See our current vacancies below. Is there the perfect job for you among the vacancies? Then respond quickly with your enthusiastic application. Unsolicited job applications are also always welcome. This applies to stand-by- and holiday workers as well. So, if you are looking for a full-time or part-time position or a nice side job send us your application: or fill out the form below.

Applying has never been easier


    Enthusiastic employees

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    “In addition to my challenging duties, my work is extra enjoyable because I have the opportunity to really provide tailor-made services to customers in Spain thanks of my knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.” – Pepe Pineda, sales manager Spain

    Hilverda De Boer employee reference

    “It’s hard to imagine that I’ve already been working here for 31 years. And I still set to work every day with the same amount of enthusiasm. It gives me a lot of energy to teach the flower profession to young employees and students.” – Gerard Helling, quality inspector and student mentor

    Hilverda De Boer employee reference

    “I like my work a lot and enjoy working together with my colleagues. You notice that it’s a family business due to the short lines of communication and the pleasant working atmosphere.” – Bodine Spring in ’t Veld, bouquets

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    “Why I am a holiday worker at Hilverda De Boer? It’s the perfect flexible job during your studies. I really enjoy that you can do a lot of hours and make some good money that way. Another plus is that I have a lot of young colleagues here.”  – Joyce Kramer, holiday worker