We like to work together with growers successfully

Hilverda De Boer guarantees high quality and fresh flowers, plants and cut foliage. In order to guarantee this to our customers, we like to work together closely with growers. We can serve customers even better together, and offer a broad and varied assortment of flowers and plants all year round. We apply this principle worldwide.

Working together provides you with many benefits

  • Hilverda De Boer is an experienced exporter that makes global delivers within a large market.
  • Connect with our buyers personally and quickly.
  • The products are included in our webshop and app.
  • Your products will be promoted via our many special offers, the Lexclusive newsletter and social media.
  • Present your products directly to possible buyers and our purchasing and sales teams during our events.

Curious about what we can achieve together?

Contact our buyers without any obligation to discuss the possibilities. Or call +31 (0) 297 33 25 00.

Growers that came before you

Hilverda De Boer growers Anco pure vanda

“We have been working together with Hilverda De Boer for almost 10 years now. Together, we deliver tailor-made orders to the customer. Thanks to the short lines of communication, everything runs smoothly. That is why we like doing business with Hilverda De Boer.” – Pim van Bommel, ANCO Pure Vanda, The Netherlands.


“The marketing activities of Hilverda De Boer ensure that the information from the growers is shared, in particular in times that are becoming increasingly digital. The biggest advantage of our cooperation is the quick connection between purchasing and sales, and the high level of service offered to the customer. We are also growing products in Spain. When the transport from Spain was delayed due to bad weather, Hilverda De Boer organised a taxi in order to receive the flowers for customers in the USA on time.” – Martijn Warmerdam, De Haas Calla, The Netherlands/Spain


“We have worked with Hilverda Global Sourcing since 2008. During this time, our relationship has always been pleasant. The distribution of our roses throughout the world is a big advantage for us.” – Monica Madera, Valle Verde in Ecuador