About us


From family business to global exporter

What began as a small family business in Aalsmeer has grown into a floriculture specialist that is active in more than 60 countries with over 250 employees, all of which is organised centrally from the Netherlands. One thing has never changed and that is our focus on quality, service and innovation.

Innovation at Hilverda De Boer

As a result of all the technological possibilities that have arisen in recent years, we have further perfected our services. Today, we continue to keep a close eye on everything in order to discover and make the most of new opportunities. The innovations range from the automation of our own production process to the development of our own app. Anything to make life even easier for you and to guarantee the quality of our flowers and plants.

Direct from the grower with Supreme Selections

Hilverda De Boer carries the unique Supreme Selections brand, for which we only collaborate with carefully-selected growers. Because the flowers come directly from the grower, we can guarantee optimal freshness and reliability. Visit the website of Supreme Selections for more information or check out the range in our webshop.

Extensive worldwide range of products through Hilverda Global Sourcing

We buy our flowers at the Royal FloraHolland auction, but we also have built up a large network with the world’s best growers. We take care of the logistics and you always have a global assortment. We arrange the logistics via Hilverda Global Sourcing. Regardless of where the flowers come from, you will receive everything quickly and in one consignment. It is also possible to arrange a direct delivery from the country of production to your location, accompanied by our quality and freshness guarantee, of course.

Hilverda De Boer USA

Just like our head office in the Netherlands, Hilverda De Boer USA also supplies the best Dutch flowers, supplemented with varieties from the Southern Hemisphere. As such, Hilverda De Boer USA is the supplier for top florists and wedding and event planners in North America.


In Sweden, too, we sell a wide selection of flowers and plants from the Netherlands, Sweden itself, and the rest of the world. At Hilverda De Boer Sverige in Stockholm and Skövde, florists and supermarkets are at the right address for everything that blossoms, from Swedish tulips to Dutch roses.


From Oslo, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Bergen, Haugesund and Ålesund, Hilverda De Boer Norge sells flowers and plants in Norway. Look no further if you are interested in Dutch, Norwegian and international ornamental plants and flowers. Place your order through our webshop, or drop by one of our cash & carry locations.