Style trends 2023

Vintage Folkore, Ode to Nature, Layered Spaces and Collecting Memories. These are the Horticulture Trends for 2023: Four style trends for flowers, houseplants and garden plants.

Ode to nature

Due to the climate crisis, we feel vulnerable compared to nature’s overwhelming power. We feel the pressing need to do something about climate change, because we’re at risk. At the same time, we show our affinity with nature. We are part of it, after all. This is reflected in how we decorate our homes, both inside and out.

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Vintage Folklore

In this hardened society, we feel the loss of connection and harmony. Loss of respect for relationships and different opinions, but also of respect for the environment and products around us. We want to restore this. That is why Vintage Folklore represents attention for diversity and for a product’s useful purpose. The motto is not to throw out, but to repair and patch up with love.

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Layered Spaces

We live in smaller houses, yet we want to increase the number of functions in our homes. This gives rise to certain layerdness of multifunctional furniture. By playing with colours and patterns, we create coloured areas on the floor and wall that add a spatial experience. It seems to match the spatial experience we see on the Internet: the metaverse*. See more about Layered Spaces here.

Collecting Memories

In a constantly changing world, there is a need for remembrance, for comforting products. A home where we can find the peace to cherish memories dear to you.

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These trends are developed for the Flower Council of Holland.

style trends 2023