Mediterranean Collection 2022

Hilverda De Boer Plants presents the Mediterranean Collection of 2022.

Download our catalog to see our collection:

  • Olive / Olea trees
  • Citrus trees
  • Exclusives, such as Ficus, Metrosiderus, Murraya, Eriobotrya, Washingtonia and Vitis


Our plants come from renowned nurseries in Spain. These nurseries have years of experience in the cultivation of a wide range of Mediterranean plants in all shapes and sizes. As a result of our many years of cooperation, we know these growers well, and can therefore count on supplying the best products with a very good price-quality ratio. These growers in Spain have specialised in the production of large sizes and special shapes. Trees over 100 years old are no exception, and these old trees in particular are characterised by their special shapes and characteristic bark. In addition to the products offered in this catalogue, we can also offer you other shapes and sizes. The Spanish region is ideally suited to the production of Mediterranean plants because of its warm dry summers and relatively mild winters. The products we offer are, however, also suitable for the colder winters in Northern Europe.

Quality & health

All products are grown in the pot, or have been potted for several years, and are therefore well rooted. So you can count on these plants to be healthy and strong. On arrival in the Netherlands, we let the plants acclimatise at a nursery, where they are watered daily and again assessed for health and quality.

Certificates & plant passport

Each plant comes with the correct plant passport and certificate of origin. Upon request, we can deliver plants with a phytosanitary certificate/pre-export certificate. Please notify us one week prior to shipping, so that we can have this done in Spain.

Order options

  • Webshop: The product range available can be found all year round on the Hilverda De Boer Plants webshop. You will find the current stock here and can place an order directly. This is prepared together with any regular orders of house and garden plants, and either sent to you or made ready for collection.
  • FloraXchange: Exporters and wholesalers can also order through FloraXchange directly from Kwekerij De Noordpoel, where the plants are in stock. In this case, processing and payment go through Kwekerij De Noordpoel.The images shown are, of course, of the batch on offer, and we strive to ensure that all trees are as uniform as possible and correspond to the image shown. However, they are living products, and a delivered tree may differ slightly from the image.
  • Choose your own from the stock: Every tree is unique, with its own shape. Especially the large ones. You therefore have the option to choose them from stock on location at Kwekerij De Noordpoel.

Delivery options

Plants up to pot size 50 cm can be delivered on CC trolleys or pallets. Pot sizes larger than 80 cm are delivered on pallets by default. The pick-up or delivery location is standard at our locations in De Kwakel and Royal FloraHolland, Aalsmeer. Other delivery locations are also possible on request. For large quantities and distant destinations, we offer the following  customised options;

  • Direct delivery of full trucks (trailer) on site.
  • Delivery in custom made wooden crates for air freight.
  • Delivery in sea containers for sea freight.

More info?

Contact our account manager René Kersloot (Hilverda De Boer Plants) or contact your own account manager at Hilverda De Boer.