Easily select sustainable flowers from our webshop

Consumers increasingly demand sustainably produced flowers. In our webshop we added a new filter, so you can easily choose products from growers who meet the criteria set by the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative. FSI members strive for 90% responsibly produced and traded volumes by 2025. Hilverda De Boer has been a member of FSI since 2020.

How to make your selection

In our webshop it is now transparent which growers are compliant with certifications from the FSI Basket of Standards, so you can easily make your selection.

  1. Go to and click on “Webshop”.
  2. In the left Filter menu, choose “Certificate” and “FSI”.
  3. Sustainably produced products can also be recognized by the FSI logo (even if you don’t filter).

FSI in webshop

What is the FSI Basket of Standards?

By complying with FSI requirements, growers demonstrate that their products are produced in a responsible manner. They can meet these requirements by obtaining standards that are line with the FSI Basket of Standards. This includes three different scopes:

  • Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)
  • Environmental
  • Good Social Practice (in risk countries)

Certifications that meet the various FSI criteria can be found via

FSI basket of standards

Join us and share the sustainable story!

As an industry, we wish to stay ahead by showing that our products are grown responsibly. So that future generations can also enjoy beautiful flowers and plants. Join us by buying products from FSI compliant growers and share the story with your customers. If you would like our support in telling the story, please contact your account manager!

More info can be found at

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