Special days calendar 2021

By taking advantage of special flower days, such as Dia de la Madre or 4th of July, you can inspire your customers to think of flowers and plants at times other than just birthdays or Valentine's Day.

New Year
Friday 1-1-2021

Sámi Álbmotbeaivi (Finland)
Saturday 6-2-2021

Chinese New Year
Friday 12-2-2021

Valentine’s Day
Sunday 14-2-2021

Mors Dag (Norway)
Sunday 14-2-2021

Kalevan Päivä (Finland)
Sunday 28-2-2021

Fête des Grands-mères (France)
Sunday 7-3-2021

Women’s Day
Monday 8-3-2021

Mother’s Day (UK)
Sunday 14-3-2021

Opening Keukenhof
Saturday 20-3-2021
until Sunday 9-5-2021

Domingo de Ramos
Sunday 28-3-2021

Semana Santa (Spain)
Sunday 28-3-2021
until Saturday 3-4-2021

Sunday 4-4-2021
Monday 5-4-2021

Sant Jordi (Spain)
Friday 23-4-2021

King’s Day (Netherlands)
Tuesday 27-4-2021

Veteraanipäivä (Finland)
Tuesday 27-4-2021

Labor Day
Saturday 1-5-2021

Orthodox Easter
Sunday 2-5-2021

Dia de la Madre (Spain)
Sunday 2-5-2021

Święto Konstytucji 3 Maja (Poland)
Monday 3-5-2021

Mother’s Day
Sunday 9-5-2021

Äitienpäivä (Finland)
Sunday 9-5-2021

Ascension Day
Thursday 13-5-2021

Sunday 16-5-2021
until Tuesday 18-5-2021

Kaatuneiden muistopäivä (Finland)
Sunday 16-5-2021

Grunnlovsdag (Norway)
Monday 17-5-2021

Sunday 23-5-2021
Monday 24-5-2021

Dzień Matki (Poland)
Wednesday 26-5-2021

La Fête des Mères (France)
Sunday 30-5-2021

Mors Dag (Sweden)
Sunday 30-5-2021

Sverige Nationaldag
Sunday 6-6-2021

Midsummer (Norway)
Thursday 24-6-2021

Juhannusaatto (Finland)
Friday 25-6-2021
Saturday 26-6-2021

4th of July
Sunday 4-7-2021

First Day of School (Russia)
Wednesday 1-9-2021

Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year)
Monday 6-9-2021
until Wednesday 8-9-2021

Yom Kippur
Wednesday 15-9-2021
Thursday 16-9-2021

Shemini Atzeret
Monday 27-9-2021
Tuesday 28-9-2021

Simchat Torah
Friday 29-9-2021

Sunday 31-10-2021

All Saints
Monday 1-11-2021

Flower Event Hilverda De Boer
To be announced

Pyhäinpäivä (Finland)
Saturday 6-11-2021

Święto Niepodległości (Poland)
Thursday 11-11-2021

Father’s Day (Northern Europe)
Sunday 14-11-2021

Thanksgiving Day
Thursday 25-11-2021

Monday 29-11-2021
until Monday 6-12-2021

Saturday 25-12-2021
Sunday 26-12-2021

New Year’s Eve
Friday 31-12-2021

Looking for suitable image material for special days? Contact your sales manager or Hilverda De Boer’s Marketing Department.