Hilverda De Boer and Huiskula enter into joint venture

As of 1 October, Hilverda De Boer and Huiskula joined forces. Huiskula is known as a renowned and professional company with a leading position in the Finnish market. The company has been a reliable customer and partner of Hilverda De Boer for decades.


Huiskula consists of eight wholesale branches and a nursery. Huiskula also supplies retail chains. The joint venture only focuses on the eight wholesale branches and will operate under the name Huiskula-Hilverda Oy. The wholesales branches serve Finnish florists from local cash & carries, sales trucks or via online sales. The webshop of Huiskula-Hilverda will be one of the key developments to customize the sales to Finnish florists even more. 

Market position in Northern Europe

Hilverda De Boer has traditionally had a good market position in Northern Europe. In recent years, Hilverda De Boer has further strengthened its position with six branches in Norway and two branches in Sweden. By combining Huiskula’s local knowledge, distribution network and cultivation with the sourcing, international network and expertise of Hilverda De Boer, Huiskula-Hilverda also wants to strengthen its leading position in Finland.

Huiskula Hilverda OY