Hilverda De Boer and FM Group have merged

The merger between Hilverda De Boer and FM Group, which was announced in June, was formally completed on 30 September. The merged company, which aims to offer a strong platform for continuous growth in the global floriculture sector, will continue under the name FM Group.

Gert-Jan Schoneveld (CEO Hilverda De Boer) will join the board of FM Group. Ron Bos and Ismael de Feijter will join the Executive Team of FM Group, together with Bas Verdel. At a celebration of the successful completion of the merger, group management looked forward in detail to the wealth of opportunities that lie ahead for the new platform.

Explore new horizons

It is a wonderful way of putting ‘Explore new horizons’, FM Group’s annual theme for 2022, into practice. The theme for 2023, ‘Let nature connect us’, symbolises the connections that companies already have, but will certainly expand in the next few  years. In principle, there will be no major changes in the management of FM Group or Hilverda De Boer, but potential synergies are obviously being considered.

Despite the many challenges that currently characterise the floriculture sector, FM Group is looking to the future with great confidence, together with its customers, growers and other partners.

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