Choose consistency with our Preferred Suppliers

Since the beginning of this year Hilverda De Boer has been working on a group of Preferred Suppliers, which are specially selected for you by our product specialists. We are proud to announce that the first 26 Preferred Suppliers can be recognized by the PS icon in our webshop, making it even easier for you to choose the most reliable growers and products.

To become a preferred supplier of Hilverda De Boer, a grower must meet the following criteria:

  • Supply high-quality products;
  • Be reliable and communicate openly;
  • Guarantee security of supply, both for day trading and long-term orders.

Choosing a Preferred Supplier means choosing consistency in quality and delivery. Preferred Suppliers also contribute to a shorter logistics chain by delivering directly to Hilverda De Boer. And that saves time for all parties in the chain.

Easy to choose in our webshop

If you see products with the PS symbol in our webshop, you can be sure that you have made a good choice. To make it even easier for you, we have added a filter so you can see all PS products with one click. To do this, click on “Label” in the filter menu and tick “Preferred Suppliers”. You can also see in our offers and invoices in the column “S03” whether a product comes from a PS.

The growers

At the moment we have gathered a group of 26 Dutch and worldwide growers for you. This number will be expanded by our product specialists in the coming months. The aim is to have at least one Preferred Supplier in each product group and to purchase 65% of our products from PS.

Questions or grower visit?

Please contact your account manager if you have any questions. For example about our expanding list of growers. Or about standing orders or appointments for a major event. And let us know if you will be in The Netherlands soon. Then we would be happy to visit your favorite Preferred Suppliers with you!

Preferred Suppliers Hilverda De Boer