Bakker in board of Hilverda De Boer

With a history dating back to 1909 the flower and plant business knows little to no secrets for Hilverda De Boer. Keeping up with market developments and ongoing professionalisation are key elements in the long history of the flower exporter. In light of these key elements Cees Bakker will be added to the Board of Directors of Hilverda De Boer.

Back to familiar grounds

Bakker is currently the General Manager of Anton Spaargaren, a daughter company of Hilverda De Boer. Bakker was already employed at Hilverda De Boer from 1990 to 2009 as Senior Sales Manager. As of September he will return to familiar grounds, but this time as Director of Commerce. With Bakker added to the Board of Directors of Hilverda De Boer, the Board will consist of four members. The other Board members will remain in their current positions, Gert-Jan Schoneveld as CEO, Ron Bos as Operational Affairs Director and Erik Pesch as Financial Director. With these changes Hilverda De Boer is ready for a thriving future. Picture, from left to right: Ron Bos, Cees Bakker, Gert-Jan Schoneveld, Erik Pesch.