A floral celebration of countries and cultures during sports summer

Summer 2024 promises to be a spectacular sports summer!

A floral celebration of countries and cultures during sports summer

Summer 2024 promises to be a spectacular sports summer, with numerous international events bringing the world together. Looking for inspiration to tie in with sports this summer?

Here you’ll find a list of flowers appropriate to this summer’s biggest sports countries. Take advantage of it!


Germany – Allium

The allium symbolises strength and unity, just like Germany. With its bulbous inflorescence and sturdy stems, this striking white flower represents stability and structure.

Austria – Hydrangea

The hydrangea represents abundance and beauty, befitting Austria’s rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. The versatile hydrangea brings volume to any arrangement.

Switzerland – Edelweiss

Edelweiss, the national flower of Switzerland, symbolizes purity and rarity. This delicate star-shaped flower grows high in the Alps and represents courage and devotion.

France – Lavendula

Lavender is known for its calming fragrance and elegant purple flowers. It symbolizes the tranquility of French Provence, adding a touch of serenity to any floral arrangement.

United Kingdom – Rose

The rose, the queen of flowers, represents love and beauty. This classic flower represents the United Kingdom, with its royal traditions and rich history.

Sweden – Craspedia

Craspedia, with its bright yellow globes, brings cheer. This special flower reflects Sweden’s vibrant culture and innovative design.

Finland – Lisianthus

The eustoma represents sophistication and charm, just like Finland. With its elegant petals, this flower adds a graceful touch to any decoration.

Italy – Hydrangea

The blue hydrangea perfectly suits Italy with its full flower clusters. This flower brings both classical and modern flair, befitting Italian culture and aesthetics.

USA – Eustoma

The versatile eustoma, with its soft petals, symbolizes the innovative spirit of the United States and adds class to any occasion.

Canada – Germini

The cheerful and vibrant germini, a smaller version of the gerbera, symbolizes the friendliness and vast landscapes of Canada, bringing optimism to any floral arrangement.

Spain – Heliconia

The exotic heliconia, with its striking shapes, symbolizes the warmth and vibrancy of Spain, adding a tropical atmosphere.

Netherlands – snapdragon

The antirrhinum symbolizes strength and affection. Holland, famous for its colorful flower beds, is beautifully represented by this versatile flower. In addition, Dutch soccer players are often called “the Orange Lions” because a lion can be seen in the coat of arms of the Netherlands. That makes this flower even more fitting.

Whether for a sporting event or wedding, these flowers bring a piece of their homeland.