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Hilverda De Boer specialises in the sale of flowers, plants and cut foliage of the highest quality and from the best growers. We supply, among others, wholesalers, florist chains and event organisers. Since the founding of our company in 1909, we have built an extensive network of growers across the world. As a result, we can offer a large and varied assortment of flowers and plants all year round. And they are always delivered quickly. Wherever you are in the world.

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Hilverda De Boer Aalsmeer Netherlands
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Flower Event ‘Floral Cuisine’ | On the menu

This year's Flower Event theme is 'Floral Cuisine'. Ingredients: 800 flower varieties, 200 plants and lots of smiles!

Ron Bos, Cees Bakker, Gert-Jan Schoneveld, Erik Pesch

Bakker in board of Hilverda De Boer

With a history dating back to 1909 the flower and plant business knows little to no secrets for Hilverda De Boer. Keeping up with market developments and ongoing professionalisation are key elements in the long history of the flower exporter. In light of these key elements Cees Bakker will be added to the Board of Directors of Hilverda De Boer.

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Hilverda De Boer starts cash&carry in Stockholm

PRESS RELEASE - Hilverda De Boer will open a second branch in Sweden. After opening Hilverda De Boer Skövde in 2017, they will now start in the Trädgårdshallen in Stockholm. This follows from a take-over of Blomstertjänst, who has been a partner of Hilverda De Boer for many decades.

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Special Days 2019

From Valentines Day to New Year's Eve, the flower diary is a list of all international holidays and special flower moments. Find them al in a clear overview, listed by country.

Save the date - Flower Event - 'Floral Cuisine' - Nov 5-9

SAVE THE DATE | Flower Event 2018: ‘Floral Cuisine’

We love to see you at our annual Flower Event from 5-9 November. A week full of flowers, meetings, field trips and fairs.


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